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Where should I set the timing on my performance engine? There really is no specific initial timing specs for any performance engine. You certainly can’t go by the factory specs when your engine isn’t all bone stock and isn’t running all factory components, especially when running an aftermarket distributor, or even a stock replacement distributor. This is because the factory KNOWS how much advance your distributor has in it because they built it in conjunction with the amount of initial timing they tell you to set it at. Also, and pretty obvious , performance engines aren’t stock, they run differently so they need different timing settings. You really have to time an engine of this sort solely by the “total timing”. Total timing is a combination of your initial timing on the crank and the amount of mechanical advance you get from your distributor.

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This is on our ’04 Honda CR-V, at , miles. This is especially surprising as that dealer had just replaced timing chain and tensioner 2 years ago, under an unspecified “service bulletin”, as no-cost warranty repair also they were unaware they had done this until I checked my invoice file and told them. As a former mech engineer, I cannot buy the “stretched chain” hypothesis.

I believe a chain can only be stretched by huge torque, as on a racing motorcycle back wheel. Driving a camshaft should be a mild and steady load, I would think. But the service guy sticks to ‘the book’ and the diagnostic code.

How to Install the Pertronix Ignitor III in a Chevrolet Chevelle. All that’s left to do is hook up a timing light and get the timing set properly, then it’s nothing but fun cruising ahead!

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Setting Engine Timing

Air, Fuel, and Spark Or, more accurately, you could say that together they cause fire. No, they’re not a s soul band, but they are on fire. Or, more accurately, you could say that together they cause fire.

This puts the ECU into a fixed mode, so it will not automatically adjust ignition timing. 3.) hook up a timing light to #1 plug wire (can do loan a tool from autozone/advance auto).

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In Tune With The Times – Figuring Timing Lights Part II

Use a Timing Light For this thread I’ll cover using just a basic timing light. No advance dial or buttons. I won’t cover different models of vehicles, just the use of the light itself. Be sure to check your manual for specific applications and the actual adjustment of the timing. This thread is only to show you how to check your timing. Connect the black lead to the negative – side of the battery.

Jul 03,  · For years, I have simply used an external power source for the red(+) and black(-) clip leads for my timing light. I have used spare batteries, a battery charger, a 12VDC power supply, and most recently a Power Pak for jumping cars.

A few days of “rehearsal” made a big difference — making sure I could do all the individual steps; getting familiar with the tools and how they behave; and knowing I could put everything back if necessary. Oh, yes — the “favorite beverage” also helped: A length of plastic electrician’s tape along this edge, below the rubber molding, helps to avoid a severe cut. Or do as I did, and make sure you know where your supply of bandages is: Setting the timing on the warmed-up engine, the cam cover is warm-hot, and gets hotter as the engine runs.

Placing a small towel on the cover, on top of the spark plug wires, provides a convenient, insulated arm-rest while attacking the cam sensor bolt.

Cable internet connection constantly timing out — Help me!!

How to Hook Up a Timing Light by MJ Knoblock Timing lights are a diagnostic tool used on cars without computer-controlled ignition to help the mechanic find the correct setting for ignition timing. Proper timing on a car improves fuel mileage, engine longevity and performance. The device resembles a gun with a flat front and three wires hanging from it. These are connected to the battery and spark plug wire prior to use. Hook up a timing light properly to set accurate timing, avoid arcing of electricity and prevent engine damage.

Be sure not to break the lead.

In truth, many enthusiasts (and believe it or not, that includes many of us in the drag racing community) hook up timing lights incorrectly. It sounds bizarre, but it isn’t. Often, a convoluted header configuration coupled with a tight engine compartment will only allow one easy light installation.

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Chrysler PT Cruiser Adjust Ignition Timing at your home or office.

Likes Received 67 OK, I’m confused. What’s with all that other stuff on the Snap-On timing light? All I’ve ever used or seen is an externally-powered inductive-pickup light that lets me check timing marks.

Re: How to properly use Timing Light on NAA in reply to half track, I use a 12v. timing light on the N side mounts all the time.I set a y in the floor beside the tractor and hook it up for the power source.

How to Install a Programmable Timer Switch Programmable timer used to control a porch light In-wall timers can turn a standard wall light switch into a programmable timer complete with 7-day customization, random vacation settings, and a backup battery. In-wall timers can automate lights, fans, pumps, or anything else that can be controlled by a regular light switch. By programming the timer to come on only when needed, you can save energy without having to think or worry about it.

Programmable timer interface Fully Programmable: Using the 7-day program cycle allows you to set the timer according to your schedule. The integrated NiCd rechargeable battery prevents your settings from being erased during a power outage. In-wall timers fit inside a regular wall switch box. They come with a cover plate but will also accept standard square cover plates.

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Hook up the timing light, and either spin the engine (spark plug removed, but grounded so it sparks) with a power drill or have a buddy pedal it, and make a mark on the engine case (or something stationary) where the line you drew shows up.

Your timing must be at the correct setting for your car to perform at top level, affecting the speed and efficiency at which the engine fires. You can adjust your car’s timing with a timing light and a set of wrenches, tools available at any auto parts store. Steps Understanding Ignition Timing 1 Learn if your car needs to be adjusted or not. Modern cars that are controlled by electronic ignitions don’t need to have their timing adjusted, but old-style 4-stroke engines require that the timing be adjusted periodically to optimize the efficiency of the engine, making sure that the spark fires at the appropriate moment in the ignition cycle.

If you hear telltale signs of the timing of your car not being quite right, such as pinging, backfiring, or if the car runs too rich or too lean, you will need to either take it to a mechanic or adjust the timing yourself. The four “strokes” in the 4-cycle engine refer to the process of intake, compression, power, and exhaust. The timing of the ignition refers to the point between the compression and the power strokes at which the spark plug fires, creating the combustion that results in your horsepower, forcing the piston down into the cylinder.

When the piston comes up during the compression stroke, just before the piston gets to the top of its compression stroke which is called “top dead center” , the spark plug should fire. Over time, this tends to get misaligned somewhat, resulting in a less-than-optimum spark plug firing time. The distance before the “top dead” center is the ignition timing, and it’s represented by a row of graded numbers on the balancer or flywheel through an access hole.

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hook up the timing light to the battery and find the #1 plug wire now you just need to disconnect the black ignition connector back near the firewall (center of picture) but on a corvette its long black and roughtly round like a fuze holder (but on the vette its located near the rear of the drivers side cylinder head) watch video.

How do you set the timing on a Chevy ? Good question, I too have this same issue with a crew cab 5. I have heard about this mysterious timing wire that needs to be disconnected to set the timing and then reconnected once the timing is set and the computer can record the new setting. Unfortunately, This doesn’t seem to be the norm. Good Luck How do you set the timing on your Chevy ?

IN order to answer this question, the year of the motor is anecessity because the type of ignition differs. Yet, since you aretalking about setting timing it is probably a motor with adistribuitor, as opposed to coil packs.

How To Use a Timing Light

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